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Abrasion Resistance Overlay

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UV-curing FRP Shield

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UV-curing FRP Shield is an epoxy polyurethane resin pre-impregnated fiber-reinforced outer wrap material, curing by means of Ultraviolet light.
UV-curing FRP Shield is applied as an additional mechanical protection layer on the corrosion preventing coating systems of pipelines to provide a high performance protection against mechanical impacts,weathering,UV-radiation and chemicals.
After curing with UV-light, UV-curing FRP Shield forms a hard,smooth and highly abrasion resistant shell on top of previously applied coating systems, making it ideal for thrust(slick) bore,directional drilling,or other mechanical protection applications.It has been specified and installed successfully for twenty years and has a proven track record as an abrasion resistance overlay (ARO).

Directional Drilling
Thrust (slick) Bore
Pull Throughs
Pipeline Protection in Severe Handling Applications
Protection of Mainline Coatings